Learn SEO

Learning SEO

Some of my customers ask me whether they can learn SEO. While there are plenty of courses out there (some excellent, some plainly crap), you might want to have a look at the following (free!) sites, which will provide you some interesting background about what you need to know to start optimizing your web pages for the search engines. It will of course take time, but at least you will get a lot of sound advice for free, instead of heaving to pay for a course that tells you a lot of things that were outdated already two years ago.

Once you have gone through these pages, at least you will know the basics so as to distinguish good advice from outdated crap.

  1. Google Webmaster Academy
  2. Google Webmaster Academy Videos
  3. Google for Webmasters
  4. Google Developers recommendations on Building Smartphone-Optimized Websites
  5. Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide (PDF)
  6. Bing New Features for Webmaster (PDF)
  7. Google SEO Report Card (PDF)
  8. Google Webmaster Guidelines
  9. Google Search Engine Optimization tips
  10. Google help for webmasters
  11. Seomoz Beginner’s Guide to SEO
  12. SEO Book’s 7 days to SEO success

But apart from looking at the above sites, you may want also to keep an eye on Google Webmaster Central and the recommended SEO blogs posted on the side bar.

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