I stumbled recently on a hilarious video about the News Machine. You will remember the old game where you are in a circle of friends, you whisper a sentence to the friend next to you, he passes on the message, and by the time the message has finished the circle it is completely distorted and embellished, sometimes even so hilarious that everybody roars with laughter? Well, something like that happens with the News Machine.

The News Machine was presented by COLORS #86 at the International Journalism Festival that took place in April in Perugia, Italy. Designed in collaboration with interactive designer Jonathan Chomko, the COLORS News Machine turns your tweets into headlines, but only after they’ve been passed through all the media filters and technological platforms that disseminate and distort the news today.

Hilarious as the video is, it is also a sobering though for all SEO marketers about how your message can be distorted as it goes through different media. And for translators it is also a good lesson – I assume that all professional translators have received at one point of their career an already translated text (because the client assumes that you do not know the language of the original text), only to have the client come back to complain that your translation does not match the original that you never saw… Well, it has happened to me quite a few times by now. And if you add machine translation to the pot, you will eventually get… the News Machine.

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