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I stumbled recently on a hilarious video about the News Machine. You will remember the old game where you are in a circle of friends, you whisper a sentence to the friend next to you, he passes on the message, and by the time the message has finished the circle it is completely distorted and embellished, sometimes even so hilarious that everybody roars with laughter? Well, something like that happens with the News Machine.

Can machine translation results be copyrighted? The answer is more than dubious, because there is one key factor missing for the resulting text to be protected by copyright laws: creativity.

People seem to believe that “repetitions” and “fuzzy matches”, which are often used in classic translations, can be used “as is” for website localization. But this is incorrect. Read on to find out why.

Translation services for websites are an important part of maintaining search engine visibility. In addition to allowing potential customers and buyers who speak other languages access your site, good translation is important for ranking high in search engine results. For example, in Google for English-speakers, Korean or Hebrew pages will rank low.

Website translation is not cheap, and often it is difficult to obtain an accurate price for that. But people don’t realize the complexity that lies behind the translation of web pages, and the significant work that the website translator has to perform just to provide a quote. The factors to be considered are not just language or number of words, but also links, page scripts, keywords, on-page SEO and many other aspects that drive up the price of the work.