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Archived; click post to view. Excerpt: I sometimes search for the term “SEO Translation”, just to check how this blog is positioned in Google (right now it is #2, without attempting any kind of search engine positioning, as I am too busy to launch a real SEO campaign). And I found a funny entry from […]

People seem to believe that “repetitions” and “fuzzy matches”, which are often used in classic translations, can be used “as is” for website localization. But this is incorrect. Read on to find out why.

Google Translate is incredibly useful. But does it contribute to your overall SEO? Does it help you scoring in the international searches? Or does it perhaps hurt you in the SERPS. Read this post to find the answer to these questions.

Machine translation is far from being perfect. Here’s a perfect example about how such machine translation comes across on my website: Apparently instead of ranking #1, one comes across as Stinky #1!

Trados TagEditor has been often used for the translation of web pages and even complete sites. But is it as good as people think? This article points out some issues when it is used for website localization.