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SEO Translator’s first book is out! This update of a series of posts a few years back explains how to ensure that search engines recognize the language of your website. Don’t worry that your English page might now be considered to be in Croatian or in Google! Don’t worry that you’ll never make any decent ranking because you are supposed to have published in the wrong language! This book tells you the why and how.

People think that getting a link from a high-PR site is like striking a gold mine. Well, here’s the bad news: It might be fool’s gold. There are a few prerequisites for that link to provide you with traffic and search engine juice. If the promised link fails to meet those prerequisites, that precious link to your site is essentially worthless. And probably far less important from a link of a much-lower ranking site.

Ranking #1 in Google is the dream of everybody … but will you REALLY rank #1 everywhere? Sorry, but the answer is no… Read the rest to find out why.