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Black hat tactics can get your website taken completely down from most major search engines, and while those tactics used to work, they don’t have much weight anymore. It is best to focus on gaining your rankings legitimately by doing white hat tactics Avoid these 8 black hat tactics which may backfire on you.

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People think that getting a link from a high-PR site is like striking a gold mine. Well, here’s the bad news: It might be fool’s gold. There are a few prerequisites for that link to provide you with traffic and search engine juice. If the promised link fails to meet those prerequisites, that precious link to your site is essentially worthless. And probably far less important from a link of a much-lower ranking site.

Web page file names can provide additional SEO juice. But this effort can be wasted when web pages are localized because the page names may remain in the original language, thus losing the original advantage. The professional SEO translator takes this into account, and ensures that the localized site uses every possible ounce of SEO that this little trick can provide to support your internationalization effort.

Existing back links are mostly worthless for your translated pages, so do not try to use those links to impove your search engine ranking. They might actually perform more harm than add value! Not only will they not improve your SEO juice, but it might cause them to lose visitors!