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Every company that has a website simply cannot ignore strategies for search engine optimizations (SEO). It is in almost everyone’s lips, because it is a very important aspect in making a website attract visitors. And playing a huge part in SEO is using the right keywords. This is a complex process that requires expert guidance. First, websites have to contend with the regular change in the algorithms of many search engines such as Google. Now throw in a foreign language or two into the process and the idea of making the keywords work becomes almost insurmountable.

When there is an absolute need to create a multilingual website, then there are many things to be considered to ensure that multilingual keywords will work and will guarantee good results.

Archived; click post to view. Excerpt: I sometimes search for the term “SEO Translation”, just to check how this blog is positioned in Google (right now it is #2, without attempting any kind of search engine positioning, as I am too busy to launch a real SEO campaign). And I found a funny entry from […]

Archived; click post to view. Excerpt: OK, so you’ve translated your website, performed your multinational SEO, building localized links, and are ready to test the results. But why is your French page not popping up in Google? You did everything there is in the book, yet the results fail to come. Disaster! Well, perhaps not. […]