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This is the kind of ridiculous translations that you can get when you make a machine translation.

Can machine translation results be copyrighted? The answer is more than dubious, because there is one key factor missing for the resulting text to be protected by copyright laws: creativity.

Today I have accomplished one of my dreams: I got a guest post from Alejandro Moreno-Ramos, the genius creator of Mox! Alejandro has given the translation community a much-needed laugh, and his world-famous Mox’s blog is a must-visit for anyone related to the translation world that needs a break. So enjoy one of his delicious cartoons!

In this first guest posting, Maria Rainer provides an overview of the new Google tools in the translation field, and explains what it means to the users.

People seem to think that they “save money” by resorting to machine translation. While indeed addressing more potential visitors, it will however hurt your ranking on Google and perhaps also other search engines. Read the full article to find out why.