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Archived; click post to view. Excerpt: Today we have a contribution for a guest post by Emma Alice: ——————- There are basically two types of businesses which are running smoothly and successfully. First, nationally or globally targeted business and second is local market targeted businesses. In this article it is discussed about the local market […]

The worst thing that you can do it to translate the keywords of your website as they are, and expect that the website translation is a success and you will dominate the search engines. Quite the contrary, you may find out to your dismay that such plain translation provides you with just a small part of the search traffic. This article tells about a real-life case where the keyword translation could be greatly improved by additional multilingual keyword research.

You may have managed to get your page indexed, but have they been indexed in the correct language? Because if the search engines have identified the language of your web pages incorrectly, then you are in trouble. This incorrect language identification happens more often than people imagine, and can have a severe impact on your SEO, page ranking, number of visitors and of course on your click-through rate. Read further to find out how you will be impacted by this stupid problem…

Scoring as #1 globally is quite difficult, but regional searches (and those are the majority of the world) are presented with geo-targeted results. Some of the big players will be discarded in regional searches, providing you with interesting niche opportunities that you should exploit. Better to be #1 in many regional google search engines than “just” #1 in!