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The European Union Special Eurobarometer, Europeans and their Languages” was supposed to be the reference work to find out about the languages in the European Union. Not so: The report is so badly written that you can understand that only 10% of the people in the UK speak fluently English. And that is just the beginning…

This post discusses the methods that search engines use to identify the language of web pages. This knowledge allows for better positioning in search engines as it will ensure correct language identification of multilingual sites.

Language identification by search engines encounters a variety of problems. It is important to know these issues so as to be able to counter them in your website localization and to properly manage multilingual sites.

Search Engines are not like human beings, and cannot identify the language of a web page in the same way as a human being – this article provides a small overview of the academic work in this field and why it is academic research is important – Google uses it!

Website translation is an expensive business, and you can commit a serious mistake if you start translating into the wrong language. This post provides hints about which languages would be best suited for translation, depending on your marketing strategy.