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What happens if you have two pages with the same title? Usually, that is not good for SEO. But if you have a multilingual site and your pages in different languages share a same title, is this also bad for SEO?

SEO Translator’s first book is out! This update of a series of posts a few years back explains how to ensure that search engines recognize the language of your website. Don’t worry that your English page might now be considered to be in Croatian or in Google! Don’t worry that you’ll never make any decent ranking because you are supposed to have published in the wrong language! This book tells you the why and how.

You may have managed to get your page indexed, but have they been indexed in the correct language? Because if the search engines have identified the language of your web pages incorrectly, then you are in trouble. This incorrect language identification happens more often than people imagine, and can have a severe impact on your SEO, page ranking, number of visitors and of course on your click-through rate. Read further to find out how you will be impacted by this stupid problem…

If you want search engines identifying the language of your site, then you should follow these important 12 tips to ensure recognition of the language of your multilingual website..

This post discusses the methods that search engines use to identify the language of web pages. This knowledge allows for better positioning in search engines as it will ensure correct language identification of multilingual sites.