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Black hat tactics can get your website taken completely down from most major search engines, and while those tactics used to work, they don’t have much weight anymore. It is best to focus on gaining your rankings legitimately by doing white hat tactics Avoid these 8 black hat tactics which may backfire on you.

Archived; click post to view. Excerpt: I sometimes search for the term “SEO Translation”, just to check how this blog is positioned in Google (right now it is #2, without attempting any kind of search engine positioning, as I am too busy to launch a real SEO campaign). And I found a funny entry from [...]

Keyword tools are critical to investigate new keywords for which you want your websites to score. Here is a list of 17 useful keyword tools.

The selection of long tail keywords is as art – it is not just taking low competition and high traffic words – the real master also leverages these to target multiple terms at the same time.

The worst thing that you can do it to translate the keywords of your website as they are, and expect that the website translation is a success and you will dominate the search engines. Quite the contrary, you may find out to your dismay that such plain translation provides you with just a small part of the search traffic. This article tells about a real-life case where the keyword translation could be greatly improved by additional multilingual keyword research.