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When you want to go global, one of the things you have to prepare is a multilingual website. It can be an overhauling of an existing website or completely developing and designing a new one. Whatever method is needed for a website, once a client wants to have a multilingual one, you must be ready for the challenge, because it surely is no ordinary task.

Translation services for websites are an important part of maintaining search engine visibility. In addition to allowing potential customers and buyers who speak other languages access your site, good translation is important for ranking high in search engine results. For example, in Google for English-speakers, Korean or Hebrew pages will rank low.

The worst thing that you can do it to translate the keywords of your website as they are, and expect that the website translation is a success and you will dominate the search engines. Quite the contrary, you may find out to your dismay that such plain translation provides you with just a small part of the search traffic. This article tells about a real-life case where the keyword translation could be greatly improved by additional multilingual keyword research.

Web page file names can provide additional SEO juice. But this effort can be wasted when web pages are localized because the page names may remain in the original language, thus losing the original advantage. The professional SEO translator takes this into account, and ensures that the localized site uses every possible ounce of SEO that this little trick can provide to support your internationalization effort.

Archived; click post to view. Excerpt: Website localization should be straightforward. No worries here, content is still king, independently of whether it is written in English, Spanish or Chinese. So if you provide content  in different languages why should your fear the mighty Google and its algorithm changes? Your multilingual SEO efforts will pay off, [...]