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The European Union Special Eurobarometer, Europeans and their Languages” was supposed to be the reference work to find out about the languages in the European Union. Not so: The report is so badly written that you can understand that only 10% of the people in the UK speak fluently English. And that is just the beginning…

Today I have accomplished one of my dreams: I got a guest post from Alejandro Moreno-Ramos, the genius creator of Mox! Alejandro has given the translation community a much-needed laugh, and his world-famous Mox’s blog is a must-visit for anyone related to the translation world that needs a break. So enjoy one of his delicious cartoons!

Mox’s book is out – the translation humor at its best!

You localized your site, but you did not localize your error pages. This is a mistake, both in front of your users and in front of the search engines. Find out why.

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