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Can machine translation results be copyrighted? The answer is more than dubious, because there is one key factor missing for the resulting text to be protected by copyright laws: creativity.

Today I have accomplished one of my dreams: I got a guest post from Alejandro Moreno-Ramos, the genius creator of Mox! Alejandro has given the translation community a much-needed laugh, and his world-famous Mox’s blog is a must-visit for anyone related to the translation world that needs a break. So enjoy one of his delicious cartoons!

Google Translate does not provide you with additional SEO juice, as indicated in my previous post, but allows you get conversions from visitors that stray to your site but do not understand the language of your site. Or does it? BEcause if you do not implement Google translate properly, you may not be doing yourself a favor… See what you need to keep in mind for a proper implementation on your site.

Google Translate is incredibly useful. But does it contribute to your overall SEO? Does it help you scoring in the international searches? Or does it perhaps hurt you in the SERPS. Read this post to find the answer to these questions.