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People seem to think that they “save money” by resorting to machine translation. While indeed addressing more potential visitors, it will however hurt your ranking on Google and perhaps also other search engines. Read the full article to find out why.

Archived; click post to view. Excerpt: Website localization should be straightforward. No worries here, content is still king, independently of whether it is written in English, Spanish or Chinese. So if you provide content  in different languages why should your fear the mighty Google and its algorithm changes? Your multilingual SEO efforts will pay off, […]

Machine translation is far from being perfect. Here’s a perfect example about how such machine translation comes across on my website: Apparently instead of ranking #1, one comes across as Stinky #1!

Archived; click post to view. Excerpt: OK, so you’ve translated your website, performed your multinational SEO, building localized links, and are ready to test the results. But why is your French page not popping up in Google? You did everything there is in the book, yet the results fail to come. Disaster! Well, perhaps not. […]

Localization can bring in significant revenues, provided it is done correctly. There are however at least 20 ways to convert such localization into a disaster. Apply these rules at your own risk!