In my previous post, where I discussed how to perform a quotation for a website, I highlighted that one of the parameters to be kept in mind was the number of links, as this would imply not only translating the anchor text, but possibly also the link itself. But how to count such a number of links?

Using iCarte Lightning to count links of a website

I already stated that I estimate the total volume by downloading the whole website. Well once you have the full website on your computer, it’s very easy to count the number of links across the website: Simply take a tool such as the free InfoRapid’s Search and Replace (a real classic) and my favorite iCarte Lighting (even older, and still working).

Simply search for the search string ” href=” in test mode with either of the two programs (so as not to modify anything), and within seconds you will see the result – the image below shows for example the iCarte Lighting screen – 697 links in 11 html files. Obviously a little too much for manual counting!

Now, this tip has two drawbacks. One of them is that first you need to download the whole website. If you want to use it on the local copy of your websites then of course it is not an issue. Can you identify the other one?

Well, the second drawback should be pretty obvious: The tool counts links, NOT pages! And an image on a page is obviously also a link. To use the tool correctly, you should search for the page extensions, such as “.shtml”, “.html”, “.htm”, “.php”, etc. As I pointed out in a previous post about file name localization, changing the file names for the pictures also increases your overall SEO, so the “href=” is still important if you want to change the file names of pictures on the site.

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