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Excerpt: I recently read an old article in the SpanishLegalTranslation blog about fuzzy matches. For those that do not know what this refers to, “Fuzzy matches” are those phrases recognized by a CAT (Computer-Aided Translation) tool as being similar to but not the same as a previously translated sentence that is stored in a translation memory. As Reed D. James points out in his post, fuzzy matches may greatly improve your productivity., specially in his field, which is legal translation.

Fuzzy Match

Now, I’ve used CAT tools for technical translations – a whole bunch of them. Fuzzy matches can…

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Excerpt: Today we have another Guest Post, this time from Thomas Chow. Enjoy! —— Professional translation services for websites are an important part of maintaining search engine visibility. In addition to allowing potential customers and buyers who speak other languages access your site, good translation is important for ranking high in search engine results. For example, in Google for English-speakers, Korean or Hebrew pages will rank low. Having a translated version of your site available for each language market that you want to target will solve this problem. However, translation for search is about more than just language. Keyword usage and placement have…

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Excerpt: What do you mean that you don’t know who Mox is? Shame on you! Mox is the funniest translator there is, created by Alejandro Moreno-Ramos. Mox is a young but well educated translator. Two PhDs, six languages… and he hardly earns the minimum wage. Whenever you are tired of translation, you should take a break by visiting Mox’s Blog. Believe me, Alejandro has provided the translation world with much needed smiles. But the good news is that Alejandro has (finally!) published a book on Mox, namely Mox’s Illustrated Guide to Freelance Translation.

Mox's Illustrated Guide to Freelance Translation.


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Excerpt: How good is keyword translation for the localization of a website? Assuming you have a good translator. The response is simple: In the vast majority of the cases, plainly lousy. Last week I had some international keyword research request for a customer. I got 45 keywords from the customer, and was requested to find the corresponding keywords in French and German. Now, while I do not usually offer the website translation into these two languages for quality reasons (though I have a degree in German & finished the French high school), keyword research is a different story. I performed the translation…

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Excerpt: In my previous post, where I discussed how to perform a quotation for a website, I highlighted that one of the parameters to be kept in mind was the number of links, as this would imply not only translating the anchor text, but possibly also the link itself. But how to count such a number of links?

Using iCarte Lightning to count links of a website

I already stated that I estimate the total volume by downloading the whole website. Well once you have the full website on your computer, it’s very easy to count the number of…