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Facebook GraphThese days, Facebook’s recent creation, the Facebook graph search has modernized the browsing of various contents over the net. But, many people fall to rumors that the new invention is almost same when compared with the old search engines. But, you should know this fact. There really are quite a lot of differences when we compare them. You would be surprised, but, this is the truth. Google is overtaken by the Facebook Graph Search. Well, you might already be wondering why. The answer is, while Google search is mostly based on the keywords that you enter in the search box, in the new Graph Search searching is based on the language that offers you with high quality search results that will satisfy your needs. By this, I hope you understand what I mean. Instead of having to match all those various keywords, Facebook Graph Search will understand what you need and provide good results.

Do your search in a more social way
Well, I can give you one major difference between the Google search engine and Facebook Graph search. It is the way you browse for the information or any other link you require. Here, Facebook Graph Search overcomes the Google search engine. One advantage you can gain from the recently invented Facebook Graph search is, it makes it easy for you to browse for any information which is liked by its users. Hence, you will have a facility to make your search more easier and social. However, on the other hand, Google tried to work out this technique in Google+. But, it was a failure. Well, Facebook developed a more revolutionized way of searching that is specifically based only on people who like the content displayed on pages.

The difference in multidimensional searching
The multidimensional searching can be defined as an excellent unique feature invented by the new Facebook search engine. If you are browsing info of a particular topic with the help of Google search engine, you will be provided with only specific search results. But, this is not the case in Facebook graph search. When you search for a given entity, the results only include info which would have been recommended by your family and friends who would have searched for it earlier. For example, just think that you are looking for hotels in a city. While in Google search engine you get only a list of some hotels, in Facebook Graph Search, you will be able to see the location of that particular hotel in a specific area which is suggested by your friends who would have experienced the tour.

Making professionals contacts for a job
Another major advantage you can get from graph search is that, it makes it easy for you to get in touch with professionals for advertised posts. In Facebook graph search, there will be no need for you to spend much time in trying to change the keywords for obtaining a good result that will match your needs. Here, your results will be limited and hence it will be easy for you to match your needs. As many of them will not be willing to be contacted by people looking for jobs, graph search will give you the results which include only potential employers.

Getting Facebook fans to like your page
While you run your own company, you sometimes find it a hard job to attract fans to your page. Also, many companies spend a lot of many paying people to like their page or struggle hardly to search fans for their page. But, with the newly introduce Facebook Graph Search, it becomes a very simple task to search fans. Also, the search engine includes various filters which you can make use of to earn money. So, from now on, you don’t need to waste time and money looking for fans to like your page. Instead, you can make use of the Facebook graph search which has a unique feature which you can utilize to gather more fans or audience.

The major shortcoming of the graph search
Though there are many features include in the Facebook graph search, there is some shortcoming when it comes to its usage. While its major use is job searching, it is not helpful in providing a specific representation to search for employees. So, I wouldn’t recommend you to use it to search for employees.

But still, the question remains which is a real legend. Many users still go for Google search engine as it has a wide range of information. But, the answer depends on what type of information you browse over the net.

About The Author: Brianne is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, traveling and reading books. She contributes on Next Financial Group.

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