Today I post the first guest post – Maria Rainer has sent this nice article and I agree that it meets my guest blogging rules, though a bit short for my taste (perhaps because she writes so well ;)) Thank you, Maria!


Google Adds New Tools To Its Translation Arsenal

 Google translate is the go-to translation service for many websites and businesses and is a wise choice, if for no other reason than it constantly evolves and improves.  It’s Google’s unique number of different services that feed into one another that make it such a powerhouse in the translation field. For example, Google’s mobile operating system, Android, collected huge amounts of voice search data, which lead to the recent desktop voice search service that was rolled out a few months ago.

YouTube and Real-Time Closed Captioning

Earlier this year, Google rolled out its real-time, closed captioning service on thousands of YouTube videos. The service works by analyzing the audio of the clip you’re watching and then transcribing it into subtitles in real time; an amazing new technology similar to the way Google voice transcribes voicemail. The new translation tools being tested at Google make use of that real time transcribing technology and add a second layer that translate the text into your native language. This means that a YouTube video in Spanish can have real time subtitles in English and reach that many more users.

What This Means For The User

In a practical sense, this can revolutionize video translation the same way Google translate revolutionized webpage translation. No longer will a person have to pay a professional to translate a video, edit in subtitle and uploaded it again. Now any content provider can simply make their pages and videos in their native tongue and Google will automate the rest of the process. This way anyone, regardless of language, can hear their message. Google is still working hard on the transcription technology so it’s not quite there yet but it already has stunning implications on the future of web development.



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