After thinking it for some time, I’ve decided to make this blog a DO-FOLLOW site, meaning that comments on this blog WILL receive page rank from me. For this purpose, I’ve just added the  No-follow Free plugin from Michelle Marcucci.

I had to think about it, because I do get a lot of spam comments, but then I realized that I’ll get the spammers anyhow, whether the site is no-follow or do-follow.


Thus, if you think you can get a free link by adding some crap, you’re wasting your time. The only thing you’ll get is being added to my spammers list. Same thing for general comments which, even if they look legitimate, are repeated because they are sent out automatically. If I detect two general comments from a same guy that do not contribute anything useful -or worse, are exactly the same-, I’ll delete ALL his comments and ban him from commenting on this site.


However, if you contribute with useful comments and show off your know-how, I might even invite you as a guest blogger, so you can get even more exposure. You are also welcome to raise questions on the topic. I’ll never delete a comment from somebody who wants to know more on something I’ve written on and therefore contributed to the discussion.