Today we have a guest post from Kate Funk about strategies for social bookmarking. I do not censor guest posts, but please be aware that some of the advice given in Kate’s post are “grey” SEO tips that might have you banned from social sites and might be noticed by search engines. Use them at your own risk.


People are always looking online for the best strategies to do this sort of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) thing, but if there was really a “best” strategy, then wouldn’t everybody be using it. If you need a basis or something to go on, then think more in the way of tailoring your techniques to better suit your business. Think about how your viewers think, what they look at, how they search, and what is in it for them if they visit or bookmark your site. If you take the time to do this then you are in a better position to make a social bookmarking SEO plan for your business/website.

Find yourself some good social bookmarking sites

A website such as StumbleUpon is good because it is already very popular. All you need to do is download and install the toolbar and you can click a “thumbs up” on the websites that you like. With the website, you may access it directly with something such as Twitter or Facebook and you can search through filters and tags to get to the websites that you like. You can try BloKube, as that is popular with online marketing companies and is well known amongst some blogging groups, and you can try Dzone, which is more for programmers and developers.

Start your campaign in the knowledge

You should start by knowing that Google are probably going to come down on a term known as “slaps” pretty soon. If Google really are using social bookmarking in order to help it judge SEO, then it is going to start punishing people who spam things in order to get a better SEO result. They are probably going to target any and all spam that is associated with social bookmarking.

Get yourself a bunch of accounts

Here is where black-hat meets grey hat when it comes to this sort of SEO. Firstly, you should be aware that Google notices if you have more than one Facebook account. You can set up hundreds for free if you want, but Google knows to ignore you for the most part because it knows that it is just one person behind all of profiles. The same is true if you set up a lot of social bookmarking accounts with one of the social bookmarking accounts. This means you need to look up the ways to avoid being caught by Google.

You want to look up ways of hiding the fact that you control lots of the social bookmarking websites profiles. It can be done with services such as “HideMyAss” and such. Now that you have lots of accounts, you need to start bookmarking your own site making sure to go back and bookmark things when you update your site and add new pages. Doing such things is forbidden by most of the social bookmarking website’s terms of service, so you need to be extra sneaky about it.

It is worth having a go at creating lots of profiles with social bookmarking websites because they are not yet as good at detecting your mini-fraud at the moment (so get in whilst you can).

Use an AutoPoster

This is a piece of software that will point the bookmarking posts to your website, which is going to be very handy if you have lots of profiles and are manipulating the system. The auto posters will allow you to think less about posting and will do all of the work for you. Just make sure you set it so that the posts occur at different times. It is going to look awfully suspicious if numerous accounts point at your website on posts at the same times on the same day.

Test your posts

Let us assume that you are clever and have set up at least one profile on most of the big social bookmarking websites. Now you start posting, and you can test your posts by using the same headlines, text and other Meta details on your posts. You will be able to see which social bookmarking websites are working for you. You can alter the anchor texts and other Meta details after you have finished your tests.

Some of the sites monitor your IP address

The one that springs to mind is Dig. They monitor your IP address, so if you are dabbling with grey had SEO techniques then do not do it with your computer. Set up private/ VPN browsing or do it on other peoples computers so that they do not notice anything bad from your IP address.

About the author:

Kate Funk is a freelance writer at She is mainly focusing on technology, gadgets and all the latest SEO trends which are interesting for networking enthusiasts.

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