I don’t recall having posted anything before about black-hat SEO. Ness tells us today the dirty tactics that we should avoid if we want to rank properly in the search engines:


No black hat SEO

Avoid Black Hat tricks!

Black hat tactics can get your website taken completely down from most major search engines, and while those tactics used to work, they don’t have much weight anymore. It is best to focus on gaining your rankings legitimately by doing white hat tactics. We are going to cover 8 tactics that are considered to be black hat, to ensure that you are not doing them. There is so much misinformation on the Internet that you might have been lead to believe these tactics are ok to use, but they are not.

Invisible Texts
Having invisible text that the search engines can see but not the users used to be a very successful tactic. Now, search engines can easily detect this and will punish the website with lower rankings and could even remove the website from the search engine completely. Usually invisible text doesn’t get your website removed, but if they know that your site tends to try and use other black hate tactics, you will see your site gone in no time.

Keyword Stuffing
As we all know, keyword research and implementing those keywords is an important part of SEO. When you attempt to type in the keyword an excessive amount of times, the search engines used to rank you higher. Now, they rank you lower. You should never go past about a 3% density when it comes to keywords because search engines might consider that stuffing.

Doorway Pages
Doorway pages are pages within a website that are made specifically to rank high in search engine terms, but provide no user experience or value what so ever. These pages are usually noticed and reported pretty quickly, but some of them have had a good amount of success. Search engines will definitely punish you for using this tactic, so make sure every page you post has user value.

Link Farming
There are websites out there that allow anyone to post their links or content. Don’t do it! Posting your link in places that it doesn’t belong will get your website a lower ranking because they can tell when your link has no place being there. Even if you are posting an article on the website, if they let anyone do it, it will still hurt you in the long run.

Spam of all types will get you in trouble. Spamming your link all over the place, your URL in forums, e-mail spam, and anything else you can think of. If your website gets reported about spam, they will definitely lower your rankings. Not only will search engines punish you, but you are also hurting your site’s overall image and giving users a bad experience.

Redirecting can be manipulated in many different ways. For example, if your site uses a lot of doorway pages, then you would most likely put a redirect to your home page in hopes that people will stay on your site or not report you. This is highly frowned upon and will get your site punished extremely fast. If the page you are redirecting to has no value or is completely irrelevant, then don’t do it.

Duplicate Site
A crazy tactic that used to work was to just create a new website that is a complete duplicate of a site that is successful, in hopes of being ranked the same or even higher to steal their traffic. Obviously this tactic has been reported and actions have been taken against the people who took advantage of this tactic. Since search engines are always looking for unique and relevant stuff, it’s safe to say that they took measures to catch these sites as fast as possible.

This is a tactic that is still used and is hard for search engines to catch. Since a big part of SEO is all about incoming links, people have purchased and created multiple different websites to use as places to include their links. While it might sound like a good idea to go out and purchase 50 websites then post your link on them, those websites need to have value as well. Search engines only give you “link juice” when the link is coming from a good website.


About the Author:

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