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Today I have accomplished one of my dreams: I got a guest post from Alejandro Moreno-Ramos, the genius creator of Mox! Alejandro has given the translation community a much-needed laugh, and his world-famous Mox’s blog is a must-visit for anyone related to the translation world that needs a break. So enjoy one of his delicious cartoons!

The selection of long tail keywords is as art – it is not just taking low competition and high traffic words – the real master also leverages these to target multiple terms at the same time.

People seem to believe that “repetitions” and “fuzzy matches”, which are often used in classic translations, can be used “as is” for website localization. But this is incorrect. Read on to find out why.

Translation services for websites are an important part of maintaining search engine visibility. In addition to allowing potential customers and buyers who speak other languages access your site, good translation is important for ranking high in search engine results. For example, in Google for English-speakers, Korean or Hebrew pages will rank low.

Mox’s book is out – the translation humor at its best!