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It is quite complicated to count the links of a website to budget for a SEO translation. This quick tip shows you how to do it in seconds.

Website translation is not cheap, and often it is difficult to obtain an accurate price for that. But people don’t realize the complexity that lies behind the translation of web pages, and the significant work that the website translator has to perform just to provide a quote. The factors to be considered are not just language or number of words, but also links, page scripts, keywords, on-page SEO and many other aspects that drive up the price of the work.

People think that getting a link from a high-PR site is like striking a gold mine. Well, here’s the bad news: It might be fool’s gold. There are a few prerequisites for that link to provide you with traffic and search engine juice. If the promised link fails to meet those prerequisites, that precious link to your site is essentially worthless. And probably far less important from a link of a much-lower ranking site.