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People seem to think that they “save money” by resorting to machine translation. While indeed addressing more potential visitors, it will however hurt your ranking on Google and perhaps also other search engines. Read the full article to find out why.

The Panda algorithm impacted 12% of the English language sites. Now Panda has been rolled out to the rest of the world. How can you recover if you have a non-English site? And how does it affect your localization and can you recover from penalties to your localized content?

Google Translate does not provide you with additional SEO juice, as indicated in my previous post, but allows you get conversions from visitors that stray to your site but do not understand the language of your site. Or does it? BEcause if you do not implement Google translate properly, you may not be doing yourself a favor… See what you need to keep in mind for a proper implementation on your site.