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Keyword Basics


Keywords are essential for SEO, but very often people don’t understand how to use them, or optimize their pages for such keywords. This post indicates how such keyword optimization can be performed.

Scoring as #1 globally is quite difficult, but regional searches (and those are the majority of the world) are presented with geo-targeted results. Some of the big players will be discarded in regional searches, providing you with interesting niche opportunities that you should exploit. Better to be #1 in many regional google search engines than “just” #1 in!

Ranking #1 in Google is the dream of everybody … but will you REALLY rank #1 everywhere? Sorry, but the answer is no… Read the rest to find out why.

Archived; click post to view. Excerpt: OK, so you’ve translated your website, performed your multinational SEO, building localized links, and are ready to test the results. But why is your French page not popping up in Google? You did everything there is in the book, yet the results fail to come. Disaster! Well, perhaps not. […]

Trados TagEditor has been often used for the translation of web pages and even complete sites. But is it as good as people think? This article points out some issues when it is used for website localization.