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Localization can bring in significant revenues, provided it is done correctly. There are however at least 20 ways to convert such localization into a disaster. Apply these rules at your own risk!

Why machine translation works so bad – a real example.

Website translation is an expensive business, and you can commit a serious mistake if you start translating into the wrong language. This post provides hints about which languages would be best suited for translation, depending on your marketing strategy.

Existing back links are mostly worthless for your translated pages, so do not try to use those links to impove your search engine ranking. They might actually perform more harm than add value! Not only will they not improve your SEO juice, but it might cause them to lose visitors!

Website localization can be an expensive business – and not be necessarily cost-effective. This post explains the three key aspects to consider before deciding on translating the site, as well as a hint about which language(s) you should target.