Keyword researchKeyword tools are critical to investigate new keywords for which you want your websites to score. Here is a list of 17 useful keyword tools:

  1. Google External Keyword Tool – Probably the most used keyword research tool. It allows you to search in multiple languages and multiple countries. One of the most useful tools for multilingual keyword research. Check out also the beta link to the advanced version. Free to use.
  2. Bing Ads Intelligence tool (formerlyAdCenter Labs) – Microsoft Excel 2007 (or later) plug-in keyword suggestion tool that exploits the huge keyword database that Bing has collected over the years. Free to use.
  3. Ubersuggest – Another multilingual keyword suggestion tool. Though it is an aggregator of other keyword suggestion tools, it works fine. And it is free!
  4. Semrush – It does look as if it searches in Google, but it provides unparalleled insights into competitors’ PPC keyword targeting, rankings and traffic data, as well as competition information. The tool is really amazing, earning it a spot in the list of the best SEO tools. much data is can be viewed such as related keywords, phrase match keywords, keyword information such as CPC, volume, CPC trends, and competition; in addition to who ranks for the keyword and where, who pays for the keyword and how much, what traffic goes where from the keyword, and much, much more. Unfortunately, its specialization has a few weak spots, in particular in keyword suggestion. Free (limited use) and paid.
  5. Seobook Keyword List Generator – This free keyword phrase generator tool is web based and allows you to generate a large number of keyword phrases based on permutations of the keywords you enter. Unfortunately, it only works with English keywords.
  6. WordTracker’s Keyword Suggestion Tool – According to their publicity, they have more than one hundred million keywords in their database. Unfortunately, you have to pay to use it.
  7. WordStream – In reality, an aggregation of other keyword suggestion tools. Sorry, only English keywords allowed.
  8. Trellian Keyword Discovery – An expensive tool, but a good one.
  9. Keyword Eye – Another commercial tool for keyword research. It offers both free and paid accounts. I tried some foreign keywords, and no luck.
  10. Wordpot – Free keyword research tool, quite usable, but with limited access so as to try to sell you the paid version. Only in English.
  11. Spyfu– Also a commercial tool, but with a twist – it uses keywords that your competition has been used for paid ads. Good for people marketing products.
  12. Keyword Spy – Similar to Spyfu, this commercial tool also spies on the competition, but you can also simply search for keywords. Free access is limited. Searches multiples countriess, but multilingual keywords are missing.
  13. Good Keywords – A  set of (free!) Windows utilities to assist your keyword research.
  14. Keyword Strategy Studio – from the same company that provides Good Keywords for free, a (paid) Windows application to perform keyword research based on the current trends, popularity and buzz.
  15. Google Trends – A free tool that allows you to find keywords, but, more interestingly, shows you how the popularity of those words evolves. Requires some knowledge, not for newbies.
  16. – Not strictly speaking a keyword research tool, it will nonetheless provide you with a lot of associated words that will help you with your keyword research. English and Spanish.  Look for other thesauri on the web!
  17. KGen – This is a Mozilla Firefox add-on that shows you the keywords of visited web pages. Ideal to spy on the competition. And it’s also free!
  18. Soovle – An interesting on-line tool that looks for keywords similar to yours in Google, Bing, Yahoo, but also in Wikipedia, Amazon and Good for getting keyword ideas, but not for massive keyword search.
  19. Youtube keyword tool – Now, Youtube is perhaps not the site you would be looking for a keyword tool, but the reality is that because of their huge collection of videos they have also collected huge amounts of information. It’s free, it’s good, so what are you waiting for to use it?

If you are not sure what keywords are about, check out my post on Keyword Basics. Then check out How to select a good long-tail keyword.

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